About Me

Anto Susanto is My Name all people used to call Me Anto. I`m from Pandeglang – BANTEN and I was born there 0n 04 of Novenber 1992. And these are some of my identities :

  • Name : Anto Susanto
  • The Date of Birth : Pandeglang, 04 of November 1992
  • Adress : Mandalawangi, Pandeglang – BANTEN
  • Hobby : Listening to the music
  • Favorite Band : NOAHLinkin Park
  • Motto : Don`t Think How To Be The Best But Think How To Do The Best

I`m student of University in Jombang – East Java and I major in English Literature. This is my Ecucational Background

  • SDN Pandat 1
  • MTS Tafriijul Ahkam Cikiray
  • MA Tafriijul Ahkam Cikiray
  • UNIPDU Jombang as yet.

46 is my favorite number because it`s belonged to my favorite motogp racer “Valentino Rossi” Click Here to go to his official website.
I have no writting skill to write in this web but I want to try to devote all what I think and all what I want to share. so… Don`t forget to be routine to visit my web at antogoreng.wordpress.com or click here hehehe… 🙂
and don`t forget to write your suggestion here ! ok 🙂

I`m Waiting For You Guys…. !



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